I am the programme leader of the MA Photography degree, and senior lecturer at the University of Cumbria. I teach contextual studies, media philosophy, professional development, and supervise PhD students.

My research is grounded in Husserlian phenomenology, which underpins my research interests in the fields of the philosophy of photography, photography theory, media philosophy and post-phenomenology. Fascinated with the meaning of photographic seeing and the impact of the ubiquity of photography on world- and self-apprehension, I have published work with Cambridge Scholar and Neofeli Press (e.g. “Übersehene Spuren” in Tierstudien  2013/03) and present at national and international conferences such as Helsinki Photomedia 2018, “Photographic Post-Truth: from Idealised Perception to the Priority of the Image.”

I organise with Sarah Bonner a biannual conference series under the title Visualising... The symposiums bring together theorists and practitioners to explore different themes as seen though the medium of photography.

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