Neither here nor there.

Fahrzeitraum* Statement

Our world extends far beyond the distances we can walk. The way we relate to our environment is shaped by transport as everyday life includes regular car, bus or train journeys.

We tend to disregard the evanescent nature of looking when we zoom past landscapes on our way to somewhere else. The lived experience of sitting in stillness while we wait to arrive stands in contrast to the high speed of contemporary travel that renders the relationship to views momentary and distorted. 

This work explores the limited experiences of the landscapes we travel through. Mostly reduced to fleeting views we only glimpse sections of the land when journeying by car, bus or train (and are almost completely removed from it when going by plane).

*Fahrzeitraum is an amalgamation of the German words Fahrzeit (travel time) and Zeitraum (space of time) alluding to the complex intuition of time and space in travel in a Heideggerian manner. This photography project is informed by photography theory and philosophy, particularly phenomenology.