River Reflections

No man ever steps in the same river twice,

for it's not the same river and he's not the same man


Heraclitean River Reflections Statement

To regard a landscape, often, is to appreciate the tranquillity and perspective of a view. The gaze lingers, slowly taking in the landscape. Rivers, as counterpoints to the surrounding stillness invite reflections on the transience of the world around us as well as ourselves within it.


These panorama photographs take time to emerge – from a few seconds to seconds to over ten minutes – depending on the subjects’ speed of motion. Thereby they reflect my particular time spent gazing at a river. My distance to different aspects of the landscapes, my minimal movements holding the phone camera, the changing light, all shape the images. Sometimes the images drift and rip off the frame, rendering incomplete views, implicating myself even more in the work.


Each image portrays an unrepeatable, indeterminate, Merleau-Pontian ‘thick moment.’ Essentially photographic and indexical, though not immediately recognisable, the work is exactly therefore deeply personal.

This photography project is informed by photography theory and philosophy, particularly phenomenology.