Unreal Clouds

...the various cloud shapes and hues meant nothing, what they looked like at any given juncture was based on chance, so if there was anything the clouds suggested it was meaninglessness in its purest form.

                                                    My Struggle, Karl Ove Knausgård

Unreal Clouds Statement

The evanescent nature of clouds, white, fluffy, good weather clouds, charm and enchant. As they move and shift in front of our eyes, they become a delightful spectacle. Essentially intangible they exude a most tactile sensibility.


This photography work shows the movement of clouds, portraying their ephemerality. The images are created over time (moments to several minutes long), transforming the clouds into larger swirls or their flow reflected in water takes on a painterly appearance. At other times, the camera records rhythmic repetitions within their structures as I drift past or through them. The photographs are recordings of clouds’ motions distorting the likeness of the witnessed views.  


Everybody can see clouds, but before we know them, they are gone.